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Electric Unicycles: What They Are and Why You Should Ride

When most people think of “transportation,” the first thought that pops into their head is a car or a bus or even a train.Some might even think of motorcycles or bikes.But what about an electric unicycle? With the world focusing on sustainable transportation as of late, new products have made their way onto the scene.Although Sam Sheffer wrote about electric unicycles about two years ago in his article for The Verge , these personal transportation vehicles have recently surged in the electric transportation scene – and for good reason.

What is an electric unicycle?

The electric unicycle is a single, motorized wheel.Also known as a self-balancing unicycle (SBU or EUC), the electric unicycle has two platforms – one on either side – on which the rider places his or her feet.From there, the rider either shifts his or her weight backwards or forwards in order to get the vehicle to move.

One example of an electric unicycle is the Ninebot OneE+. When fully charged, the Ninebot One can move at speeds up to 11.5-13.6mph and can go about 22 miles before needing to be re-charged.This personal transportation vehicle can climb or drive down any hill with an angle up to 15 degrees.With Bluetooth wireless connectivity and a water-resistant charging port, electric unicycles like the Ninebot promise safety, fun, and environmental sustainability.

Why should you ride an electric unicycle over other transportation forms?

According to the Sierra Club, current forms of transportation contribute to 1/3 of the carbon-dioxide emissions in the United States.One of the benefits of riding an electric vehicle is that it has virtually no-emissions, meaning that you will be able to get to where you need to go without harming the environment.The electric unicycle is a prime form of sustainable transportation, as it relies only on an electric charge and not on gas.Although some people are nervous about the safety of electric transportation, Ninebot has obtained the world’s first US UL2272 Safety Certification Authorization Certificate for Self-Balancing Vehicles.When you purchase an electric unicycle from Creative Riders, you know that you are buying a safe, high-quality product.

This is also beneficial for your budget.With traditional transportation, you often need to buy gas for cars, trucks, busses – but you don’t need to buy gas for your electric unicycle.After a few rides – whether you’re just riding around the house, outside, or even to the store – your electric unicycle will basically pay for itself.

But the most important reason why you should ride an electric unicycle is because it provides you with all of your transportation needs in one small package.The speed of an electric unicycle means that you are able to quickly travel to the store, to the train station, to school, or anywhere else.The Ninebot One electric unicycle is portable, easy to carry, and can be taken anywhere.Electric unicycles can be driven on grass, trails, or harder surfaces.It can even be beneficial for those who want to go traveling, traverse a hiking trail, or explore a new neighborhood.The electric unicycle is eco-friendly, budget-friendly, sustainable, and innovative – everything that is needed as the technology behind personal electric transportation continues to grow.

To learn more about how to ride an electric unicycle, please check out the following video:


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