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About Us

When it comes to transportation, people often overlook how important it truly is.  Each day, we walk, drive, take public transportation, or travel in one form or another.  But when thinking of a daily commute and transportation needs, the Creative Riders team has YOU in mind.


Our team wants to make a change – not just in the transportation industry, but in the world.  That’s why we became an authorized reseller of Ninebot, EcoReco, and Red Devil personal transportation vehicles.  Our inventory ranges from hoverboards and electric unicycles to numerous electric scooters.


The products that we offer have numerous benefits.  They can help you with an easier commute or assist those with injuries.  Riding an electric scooter or hoverboard, you will be able to quickly get to where you need to go.  Health-conscious and budget friendly, these electric personal transportation vehicles also help protect the environment, making them the perfect eco-friendly option.


The Creative Riders team is based in the United States, making shipping to your location easy.  With an exceptional customer service team, as well as high-quality products, Creative Riders aims to make your purchasing experience as fun and exciting as possible.


Please feel free to contact us with any comments or questions. We look forward to helping you towards your new transportation journey!

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